Youth Pride Day in Dundalk!

G(end)er Swap participated in Youth Pride Day in Dundalk, Ireland on July 13th 2018. It is a two day festival were LGBTQIA+ young people, allys and families get together to celebrate pride!

Santina, the founder of G(end)er Swap, facilitated an interactive workshop entitled, “Are We What We Wear?”, exploring how queer individuals use clothes as a way to feel good in their own skin and to challenge gender norms. Following the workshop Santina facilitated a T-shirt decorating activity.

It was an amazing opportunity to chat with inspiring young people who had a lot of personal experiences and ideas they were eager to share.

Thank you to Outcomers (LGBT Centre) for inviting G(end)er Swap – it was a memorable couple of days!

Next up, G(end)er Swap will be hosting a clothing swap event at Trans Pride Brighton on July 22nd. Check out the details in our EVENTS section or on Facebook



Pride Against Prejudice in Northern Ireland

A big THANK YOU to the Belfast Trans Resource Centre and QUB LGBT+ Society for inviting G(end)er Swap to Belfast, Northern Ireland to speak on March 20th, 2018.

G(end)er Swap facilitated a clothing swap evening featuring an arts and crafts segment. As a group we made cut out clothes with messages we wanted to get out there.

In the evening, Santina facilitated an interactive presentation entitled, “Are We What We Wear?” on queer/trans identities and their connection to style and self image.

Can’t wait to come back and hangout at the cozy trans center again. What a great community you have! Good luck with your new free clothing corner at the trans resource center and hope to see you soon!

For information about the event that happened click HERE

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Learn more about the Belfast Trans Resource Centre HERE

Gender in the Contemporary World

On March 3rd G(end)er Swap was invited to set up an information stall at Queen Mary University for the conference entitled, “Gender in the Contemporary World: Articulation, Navigation and Change”.

For more info click HERE

We had an information booth set up as well as a corner to drop off clothing donations.

It was great to talk to more people about the initiative and to learn from so many queer, trans, non-binary academics and activists who are doing amazing work in the UK.

Thank you Andy Law (Department of Linguistics, Queen Mary University) for the invite!

Looking forward to more collaborations.

Andy runs a meet up group for non-binary individuals in London- check out their FB page HERE P_20180303_173656_1.jpgif this is a community you would like to be a part of.

Collaboration with The Outside Project

G(end)er Swap is moving out from LimeWharf and in with The Outside Project! You can now find G(end)er Swap at The Outside Project’s weekly hub. Tons of great clothes, accessories and shoes have been donated to supporting guests and others in need at the shelter. 27331985_351016568712802_7712170130293321434_n

The pop up shop residency at LimeWharf has now ended but have no fear! We are in the process of finding a more permanent location. Want to collaborate? Send us an email at :

At the moment we are not accepting clothing donations since the pop up shop is closed. For any clothing donations or inquiries please contact The Outside Project HERE

More event updates for February coming soon!


G(end)er Swap has created a new blog on TUMBLR. A project that archives queer/gender diverse voices and their relationship to the clothes they wear. We are looking for submissions to expand the project.

Have a story you want to share? Want to have a place to have your voice heard?

Please email a short statement and a photo of you wearing your favorite outfit, item of clothing or accessory. For confidentiality purposes you do not have to show your face in the photograph if you don’t want to. No names are published in the blog posts.

To see the current blog click HERE

All submissions can be emailed to:


On December 12th, 2017 G(end)er Swap was in Bulgaria participating in Sofia LGBTI Fest! This is a week long queer festival that hosts a series of informative workshops and information sessions on LGBTQI+ issues in Bulgaria and more globally.

Santina led a G(end)er Swap presentation and led an interactive workshop on the need for an outreach clothing project that support gender diverse individuals. The presentation was followed by a really fun clothing swap!

This evening was hosted by The Fridge, an art collective in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Looking forward to setting up a potential pop up shop and facilitating more G(end)er Swap events in Bulgaria in the new year!

To see what other activities ran during the event click HERE


G(end)er Swap had an information booth at London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) yesterday (December 2nd) for TALKING BACK! The annual LGBTQ+ conference focusing on archiving marginalized histories. This conference was all about the work being done to archive queer oral history. What an inspirational day learning about research and other organizations contributing to to making sure queer voices are heard!

Thank you for hosting us LMA and hopefully see you next year!

USI Pink Training 2017, NUI Galway Ireland

Between November 19th and the 21st, G(end)er Swap was being represented NUI Galway, Ireland! Santina was invited to speak and to facilitate workshops on gender, identity and clothing. A coming out space, gender-queer/non-binary support group and an interactive workshop exploring gender identity and aesthetics through creative writing were all part of this great weekend!

Pink Training is the largest LGBTQI+ training conference in Europe with over 300 delegates attending Union of Student’s in Ireland (USI) bringing together students and allies to get informed on LGBTQ+ related topics and to become agents of social change in Ireland!

What an inspiring and supportive weekend and thank you to the president of USI- Síona Ní Chatháil for the invite!

G(end)er Swap needs Volunteers!

G(end)er Swap is looking for volunteers to help out at the LimeWharf outreach pop up shop as well as with events, social media and other areas!

We are looking for individuals who identify as transgender, non-binary or gender non-conforming+ individuals to help out and become part of the G(end)er Swap team.

Anything you can help out with is appreciated.

Sometimes we will need you frequently and other times just for a one off volunteer role. Volunteering shifts will change or may not be needed anymore depending on the time of year/nature of the event/current project aims.

If you are interested please fill out the info below.

We will reply back with a volunteer form and relevant info thereafter!