G(end)er Swap & Transmissions Collaborate!

On Monday October 29th G(end)er Swap & Transmissions got together to collaborate on a pop up swap shop at Vogue Fabrics (VFD) in Dalston! In addition to the swap shop we had the QUEERTEXSTYLES installation where attendees could submit their style stories in person.

The G(end)er Swap pop up was paired with a later event at VFD. Georgina Beyer the world’s first trans mayor and MP from New Zealand came to speak. There were also great performances by Don One and Lasana Shabazz. Details about the event can be found HERE

This was such an awesome night!

Catch G(end)er Swap in Bristol on November 24th for Trans Pride South West (TPSW) Рdetails can be found on Facebook !


G(end)er Swap & ILGA-EU 2018

October 26, 2018 marked the third day of the ILGA-EU Annual Conference which was held this year in Brussels, Belgium. G(end)er Swap held a safe space for attendees to swap clothes and access any information related to resources for trans and non-binary individuals.

We met people from all over with special interactions with representatives of LGBTIQ+ organisations in Scotland, Estonia and Russia!


Thank you to ILGA-EU for hosting the project and to everyone who attended the evening event!

For more information about ILGA-EU click HERE


G(end)er Swap at Zion Bristol

Last Sunday G(end)er Swap held a clothing event at Zion Community Space in Bristol! It was a really warm and friendly community with tons of clothing donations that were brought to the space. We had a smokey eye make-up lesson and chill out art activities.

Thank you to Zion Bristol for hosting G(end)er Swap!

We will be back in Bristol on November 24th at Trans Pride South West. Check out the event HERE 

Photo credit by Blake, @blakethe4thwall on Instagram

G(end)er Swap at POP Print + Zines BODY POSITIVE Exhibition Opening Night!

G(end)er Swap was at the POP Print+Zines Body Positive Exhibition at Hotel Elephant Workspace last night (October 12th, 2018) for the launch night of the BODY POSITIVE art exhibition and pop- up space!

The exhibition held a series of artists whose works focused on various themes of identity and bodily autonomy.

For the exhibition G(end)er Swap set-up an interactive art installation where attendees could self curate their own installation created before their eyes. The installation focused on archiving personal stories of one’s relationship with style, their own body and (gender) identity. Guests took a snap of themselves with an Instax Polaroid camera and then wrote a story to go with their photo. Individuals took photos of their snap to upload to social media followed by the hashtag #popnswap. The purpose of the hashtag was to create an additional digital archive that could be viewed on various forms of social media bridging the gap between digital and physical space.

This installation is inspired by G(end)er Swap’s ongoing style archive on TUMBLR entitled QUEERTEXSTYLES that aims to create new ways of ‘seeing’ gender by creating an archive curated by gender non-conforming individuals themselves.

Want to experience the G(end)er Swap installation?

It will be at the Hotel Elephant Space cafe until October 28th.

Go check it out!

Pop Print + Zines

Hotel Elephant Space

Body Positive Exhibition


Please follow G(end)er Swap on Instagram: @genderswap_

To view more photos and videos of the installation piece.

Contact Santina (project director) for any questions/collaboration queries at genderswapp@gmail.com



G(end)er Swap at London BiFest 2018

G(end)er Swap had a great time at London Bifest today at the Kingston Quaker Centre! We had an information booth as well as a 15 minute presentation where attendees could learn more about the project.

There were some other great initiatives there and it was a really supportive day.

Thank you to those who dropped off some great clothing donations and an awesome STP/packer!

If anyone is in need of this specific item please do get in touch with us on FB or genderswapp@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to the events set up in the fall!


Stay tuned!


Santina from G(end)er Swap

G(end)er Swap at Trans Pride Brighton

On July 22nd, G(end)er Swap hosted a clothes swap event at Trans Pride at the Marlborough Pub in Brighton. We had a G(end)er Swap volunteer come along to give glitter looks. At the event we had a chill out art station and best of all lot’s and lot’s of clothes! Thanks to everyone who came by to swap. Including Travis Alabanza who dropped off an amazing full length crushed velvet dress! Included in the clothes swap we had a binder giveaway that went to someone in need. A pair of breast prostheses were also donated. We are grateful for all the generous donations!

Catch G(end)er Swap at London BiFest on August 18th where we will have an information booth. More info can be found on our Facebook page.

Youth Pride Day in Dundalk!

G(end)er Swap participated in Youth Pride Day in Dundalk, Ireland on July 13th 2018. It is a two day festival were LGBTQIA+ young people, allys and families get together to celebrate pride!

Santina, the founder of G(end)er Swap, facilitated an interactive workshop entitled, “Are We What We Wear?”, exploring how queer individuals use clothes as a way to feel good in their own skin and to challenge gender norms. Following the workshop Santina facilitated a T-shirt decorating activity.

It was an amazing opportunity to chat with inspiring young people who had a lot of personal experiences and ideas they were eager to share.

Thank you to Outcomers (LGBT Centre) for inviting G(end)er Swap – it was a memorable couple of days!

Next up, G(end)er Swap will be hosting a clothing swap event at Trans Pride Brighton on July 22nd. Check out the details in our EVENTS section or on Facebook


Pride Against Prejudice in Northern Ireland

A big THANK YOU to the Belfast Trans Resource Centre and QUB LGBT+ Society for inviting G(end)er Swap to Belfast, Northern Ireland to speak on March 20th, 2018.

G(end)er Swap facilitated a clothing swap evening featuring an arts and crafts segment. As a group we made cut out clothes with messages we wanted to get out there.

In the evening, Santina facilitated an interactive presentation entitled, “Are We What We Wear?” on queer/trans identities and their connection to style and self image.

Can’t wait to come back and hangout at the cozy trans center again. What a great community you have! Good luck with your new free clothing corner at the trans resource center and hope to see you soon!

For information about the event that happened click HERE

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Learn more about the Belfast Trans Resource Centre HERE

Gender in the Contemporary World

On March 3rd G(end)er Swap was invited to set up an information stall at Queen Mary University for the conference entitled, “Gender in the Contemporary World: Articulation, Navigation and Change”.

For more info click HERE

We had an information booth set up as well as a corner to drop off clothing donations.

It was great to talk to more people about the initiative and to learn from so many queer, trans, non-binary academics and activists who are doing amazing work in the UK.

Thank you Andy Law (Department of Linguistics, Queen Mary University) for the invite!

Looking forward to more collaborations.

Andy runs a meet up group for non-binary individuals in London- check out their FB page HERE P_20180303_173656_1.jpgif this is a community you would like to be a part of.